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SYNERGIX WORLDWIDE is created with the dream to democratize both the OEM Turbo Business and OEM Spare parts for HYUNDAI and DOOSAN engines. Our goa is that Final users can Benefit from getting these goods at a Good Price; as we all know, the greater the offer, the beneficiary is the consumer.


To offer a complete range of OE Turbochargers and engine spare parts for Hyundai and Doosan marine applications to: Small, médium and big companies dedicated to service vehicles, heavy machinery and marine engines. This way we build an inclusive distribution network, which favors the growth of all involved parties and enhance the offer in each country.


Honesty: when we deliver our products and services by clearing any doubt, so dealers can acquire exactly what they ask and/or need.

Ethics: in our career path by being crystal clear in what we offer, as well as in our labor and commercial relationships thus offering a trustworthy and legitimacy environment.

Service: is our vocation, we develop open and empathic relationships with our customers which boots mutual growth.

Prosperity: we work for corporate and economic development of our commercial network, so both OE manufacturers as well as small dealers have high growth projections.

Wisdom: we learn from the market every day in order to increase and extend opportunities for both consumers and manufacturers.






Disclaimer: All brands, references, symbols, descriptions, images and photographs are used as a reference only, we neither claim that any of them are manufactured by us, nor we claim ownership upon them.

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